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Did you know you can come to an USCO board meeting as an observer? 

We meet on the last Wednesday of every month at The Good Companions Centre at 7:00 pm. 
If you would like to join us, please let one of the Board members know and we will be happy to have you.


Being in Conscious Relationship - Workshop

Mony and Alberto began as pilgrims - strangers really - on a journey of the Soul, walking 5000 kilometres from Rome to Jerusalem. From walking companions, to friends, to intimate partners, to married couple, to parents... their seventeen-year relationship has undergone a tremendous transformation.

From the outset, however, they have understood the highest purpose of relationship to be the unparalleled opportunity for each individual to turn inwards, and do the only work that matters: to transform all that is anchored in fear into wholeness, into love.

Building on their successful presentation at Unity, they will host a 90-minute conversation (with Q&A) on what it means to be conscious relationship, and how to have a conscious, loving relationship with yourself so that you may have it with another.

Love offering: $20 Unity/$50 Non-Unity


Save the Date - Martha Creek Joins us May 24 - 26

Add this one to your calendar, Friday evening, all day Saturday and Sunday after service.

More details Soon!


USCO Operational Task Sept 2018

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Unity Promo Video 2018

Our amazing video is complete. Watch it HERE.

Did you watch the video? Now forward the link to some friends or maybe some family...


Evolving Fellowship in CommUnity...
A year ago, we moved from a consumption to contribution model for our fellowship drinks and snacks.

This means that YOU get to practise the joy of giving by bringing in snacks and supplies to make coffee/tea.

We're taking it a step further and are adapting a really fun and successful idea of one thriving Unity ministry.

HERE'S HOW IT WORKS: Each week a group of people with a common characteristic--called FELLOWSHIP FRIENDS

-- will be invited to bring in fellowship treats and drinks.

You are invited to bring treats/coffee/tea/milk/cream for fellowship:


Feb 17 - Anyone with a summer birthday.  Lets celebrate warmth ;-)
Feb 24 - Gluten free treat day.  Please bring in something, baked or otherwise, that is Gluten free.
Mar 3 - Do you have siblings?  Please share something in fellowship and let us know how many siblings you have.

SOUPer Sunday - Helping High Jinx Help Neighbours
For three years, we have served the greater community by providing a lunch on the last Sunday of the month to neighbours of High Jinx. 
Sign up for SOUPer Sunday with Allison

We are so grateful to be able to share our abundance!

Want to help get the word out that USCO exists?


3 top things you can do to give USCO a HUG (Help Unity Grow)

1.  Take a picture during Sunday service and post on social media saying how much you love Unity
2.  Share this video about USCO click here
3.  See a newcomer?  Connect with them, thereby expressing our value of inclusiveness.

Here is something you may be interested in viewing. The Oprah interview with Maya Angelou where she talks about finding Unity Church.  

Click here to view on youtube.