A positive path for spiritual living

About Unity Spiritual Centre Ottawa


Unity Spiritual Centre Ottawa offers practical, spiritual teachings that empower abundant and meaningful living. We help people discover and live their spiritual purpose and potential.  We provide a philosophy that's spiritual, not religious and is love based. Unity Ottawa is one of the hundreds of faith communities which makes up Unity Worldwide Ministries, and like all Unity spiritual communities, we are inclusive, open-minded, accepting and encourage personal initiative and growth.


  1. There is a higher presence active in everything some call it God, Spirit, Divine, Source Energy
  2. This higher presence is located within us
  3. Everything in the manifest realm has its beginning in thought
  4. Prayer and meditation get us in touch with our Divine nature;
  5. It's not enough to know the Truth, we must live the Truth that we know

VISION:  An awakened world celebrating Oneness.

MISSION: Expanding Consciousness, Transforming Lives

2020 THEME - Perfect Vision: Seeing Through a Spiritual Lens