A positive path for spiritual living



Prayer is the foundation of Unity.   The founders of Unity, Myrtle and Charles Fillmore used affirmative prayer to heal their own life threatening and long term physical illnesses.  They developed a philosophy which they shared with others so they too could transform their life to one of prosperity, health, love and joy.  Many around the world have transformed their lives, and you can too.  Vibrant health, harmonious relationships, love, joy, and prosperity can all be yours. 

Affirmative prayer, according to Charles Fillmore, is the most powerful mind action we can undertake to commune with God/Divine/Spirit/Divine Mind/Source Energy and transform our lives.  When we pray affirmatively, we use statements that help us to realign our thinking and feeling with the principle of Truth - for example, God is the only Presence and Power in my life.

This method of prayer helps us remember our divine nature and from that consciousness of remembering our truth, there is set in motion the forces that enable us to manifest that for which we pray.

We have a team of Prayer Partner's who are honoured to pray with you.   Available before and after Sunday service, Prayer Partner's are trained to:

-hold sacred space
-lovingly listen
-pray from the heart
-hold in confidence what is shared.

Our Prayer Partner's look forward to serving you!

For immediate prayer support, click here  (http://www.unity.org/prayer) to link with Silent Unity, the 24/7 prayer support ministry at Unity Village.