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Unity Spiritual Centre Ottawa is now on Zoom!

To access our services, please use the link provided in our weekly newsletter.

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40 day Online Program for Transformation by Lisa Natoli
(as little as 30 min a day)
Love, as light, WILL dissolve the fear that is spreading throughout the world faster than any virus.
Now, more than ever before, staying in peace and learning the truth of who we are as Love, is of utmost importance.
To date, 10,000 people have said yes, through the teachings, of The 40 Day (Free) Program, to releasing their attachment to fear and stepping into and living more and more, in Love. 
Lisa Natoli, the creator, is a healer and a teacher of A Course in Miracles.(no set date to commence) 
Sunday Service door changes.

The side door near Fellowship is now an EMERGENCY door and CANNOT be used.  
For the Prayer Partners Serenity Service, your opinion's have been heard. The front door will be opened at 9:30 am and closed at 10:35 am.


Volunteer Opportunities Available
Volunteers are required for the following positions:
Greeter and/or Fellowship: This is a wonderful opportunity to serve as the welcoming face of USCO for all those who come to our services and who partake in fellowship. Training and mentorship provided. Please speak with the team lead, Deb Maloney.

Service Facilitator: Have you ever wanted to become more comfortable with public speaking. Look no further. Public speaking could not be safer and better supported than at USCO. We are seeking 1 to 2 dynamic individuals who would love to share their gifts and assist with service flow. Training and mentorship provided. Please speak with team lead, Linda McCabe
SEE Classes via Zoom From Sea to Shining Sea

Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute SEE in-field credit Courses

Facilitator: Wendy Karr, MA, Licensed Unity Teacher
Earn S.E.E. credits in the comfort of your own home!

2019-2020 Zoom-based SEE courses – Early Registration form


Unity Promo Video 2018

Our amazing video is complete. Watch it HERE.

Did you watch the video? Now forward the link to some friends or maybe some family...


Want to help get the word out that USCO exists?


2 things you can do to give USCO a HUG (Help Unity Grow)

1.  Take a picture during Sunday service and post on social media saying how much you love Unity
2.  See a newcomer?  Connect with them, thereby expressing our value of inclusiveness.

Here is something you may be interested in viewing. The Oprah interview with Maya Angelou where she talks about finding Unity Church.  

Click here to view on youtube.