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                      ALL ARE WELCOME!        


Sunday January 21st

"Pain: Our Change Agent" with Rev. Roxanne

In week 3 of the Untethered Soul, we explore how pain can be catalysts for transformation.  But we need to make the choice to not run or push life's disturbances away, but rather to be present to them.   We love the results of transformation as symbolized by the butterfly, but what did the butterfly need to go through to become it's glorious self? 

Join us this Sunday at 10:30am as we unlearn our tendency to run, hide or ignore the challenges of the human condition and learn to meet them from the seat of consciousness.  Then, and only then can true and lasting transformation take place!

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Weekly Quote & Affirmation of the Month

Quote of the Week:  “Life creates situations that push you to your edges, all with the effect of removing what is blocked inside of you.”   (The Untethered Soul)

Affirmation for January: Peace fills me as I center myself in divine love.
January Theme: I AM... PEACE!

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I live fully from my divine identity.

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