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"Giving UP" with Rev. Roxanne

This Sunday July 23 Rev. Roxanne explores "In the Flow of Giving", part five in our seven week series based on the book In the Flow of Life by Eric Butterworth.  As individualized expressions of the One Power and One Presence, we are hard wired to give.

When we tap into and turn on the wellspring of giving that is our true nature we move from what the world has conditioned us to ask, which is  what’s in it for me? to a divine consciousness of  What's in me for the world?  




Weekly Quote & Affirmation of the Month

Quote of the Week: "We are forever in the presence of an infinite and eternal energy from which all things proceed. Thus it is never for lack of life, substance, intelligence or love that we experience difficulties but because we are out of the flow.  And one of the most effective ways of getting back into the flow is through giving."  (In the Flow of Life, pg. 107)

Affirmation for July: I delight in the small pleasures of life.

Daily Word

I express and share my unique gifts with the world.

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