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Unleash Your Divine Potential with Garry Rondeau

Join us this Sunday as Garry Rondeau begins our exploration of Unity's Theme for 2017,  "UNLEASH YOUR DIVINE POTENTIAL" by talking about Awakening, as a goal and as a step we take more than once. He says that awakening implies that one is asleep, or in a trance, and that there is a process that brings about a change of state to be more aware. We awaken to the truth of who and what we really are, and realizing that truth, we make it real.

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Sunday, February 5, 2017 - 10:30am

Quote & Affirmation of the Week

Quote of the Week "Love breaks down all barriers, destroys all walls, fills in all gulfs, wipes out all sense of separation and isolation.  Love makes possible the awakening of the higher consciousness in humankind and leads all to a 'first-hand experience of God'". (Eric Butterworth)

Affirmation for the Week: I allow the divine to seek expression through and as me.

Daily Word

I am a spiritual being, gifted with unlimited power and potential.

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