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                      ALL ARE WELCOME!        


Sunday March 18th

The Energy of Money, part 2 with Mony Dojeiji

The energy of MONY...on the energy of Money!
We are blessed to once again have, as our Sunday speaker, the amazing and wonderful Mony Dojeiji.  She is an award winning author, broadcaster, pilgrim, and spiritual light in action!  

Mony explores the author's suggestion that our relationship with money is a hero's journey.  Healing our relationship with money involves testing the limits of our understanding. We need courage to embark on the quest. We face personal demons and monsters, and we have to defeat them or make peace with them so that we can come out wiser and more powerful at the end of it.

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Quote of the Week:  "Working with money from the source of your true being will give you power and ease and a sense of interconnectedness." (Energy of Money)

Affirmation for March: I am in tune with Spirit’s guidance.
March Theme: I AM... GUIDED!

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