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7 Stepping Stones to Prosperity - #2 with Rev. Roxanne

Join us this Sunday for Part 2 of  THE SEVEN STEPPING STONES to an abundant life. On this next step on our journey, we will learn how to build a clear personal vision so that desire which is knocking at the door of our consciousness will be made manifest in our lives!

If you missed last Sunday and would like the handout about Being a Giver to Life, given at service, please email the office.

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Quote of the Week & Affirmation of the Month

Quote of the week: "...when you understand the law of visualization, you will realize that the greatest need is not to set it right but to see it rightly." (from Spiritual Economics by Eric Butterworth)
Affirmation for the Month of September: I meet every situation with spiritual resilience.

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When I forgive another, I become God’s love in action.

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