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LET GO OF THE PAST - #6 Stepping Stone to Abundance with Rev. Roxanne

Are you holding onto resentments, judgements and anger from the past?  You may not even be aware, but if you have recurring, negative situations or feelings that leave you wondering "this again, thought I'd cleared that?" then you have some forgiving to do.  Much like the clutter that accumulates in our closets, garages and basements, lack of forgiveness is mental clutter, blocked spiritual energy that is keeping out the full realization of your good.  Join us Sunday for the 6th Stepping Stone to Abundance, LET GO OF THE PAST.  We will learn some forgiveness practises that are easy to do yet very powerful in their impact.

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Sunday, October 23, 2016 - 10:30am
Sunday, October 23, 2016 - 12:30pm
Sunday, October 30, 2016 - 10:30am
Sunday, November 6, 2016 - 10:30am
Saturday, November 12, 2016 - 7:00pm

Quote of the Week & Affirmation of the Month

Quote of the week: "Think of forgiveness as emotional housecleaning. It lets us make room for the good we desire.It also lets us go as far as we can on this spiritual journey and receive all the universe has to offer."  (from The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity by Edwene Gaines)
Affirmation for the Month of October: I let the forgiving love of God take over in me.

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I find freedom when my words and actions are in alignment with the Divine.

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