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SUNDAY September 17th

This Sunday:  Words Matter... A Lot!  With Rev. Roxanne

We begin our series on the book The Four Agreements.  The first agreement is "Be Impeccable with Your Word."   Let's explore how this lines up with what we know as Unity Truth students. Words are revealing of the quality of our consciousness, formative in that they produce effects and creative in that they are the vehicles through which ideas make themselves manifest...just as the seed is the vehicle through which the plant is made manifest.  In a nutshell, WORDS MATTER...A LOT!

Ruiz says "the word is a vibration of sound that has the tendency to manifest it's physical equivalent.  And just as a seed carries the potential to propagate a forest, the word carries the potential to take root in your mind and spontaneously generate thought forms of a similar vibration"



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Weekly Quote & Affirmation of the Month

Quote of the Week: "All men who have moved the world to better things have received their inspiration from the Spirit within and have always looked to it for instruction."  (Unity co-founder Charles Fillmore)

Affirmation for September:  Turning within, I find peace.
September Theme:  Peace

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